Alta Vista Walkathon

Key Dates 

  • Wednesday, 10/16: Online registration closes at midnight. You can still register on the day of the event!  And, you can continue to collect donations online!

  • Friday, 10/18:  Students who registered online will receive their Walk-a-Thon t-shirts in class at the end of the day. More info below.

  • Saturday, 10/19: Walk-a-Thon 9:00 am - 3:00 pm. Registration opens at 8:30 am (for those who did not get their t-shirt on Friday). Don't forget to CHECK OUT at the end of the day!

  • Monday 10/28: All donations must be received by 3:00 pm in order to be eligible for prizes.  We will except donations until Friday 11/08 (it just won't count toward prizes).  

Walk-a-Thon Basics 

  • Be early (THE FIRST LAP STARTS AT 9:00) and don't forget to CHECK OUT!

  • An all-day affair: The Walk-a-thon will be held on the back grass field at Alta Vista from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. You can stay all day or come for just a few hours. The students will start walking at 9:00 am sharp! BE EARLY!!

  • What to bring:

    • If you registered online by the Wednesday before Walk-a-Thon be sure to wear your Walk-a-Thon t-shirt if you received it in class on Friday. 

    • Kindergarten students should also bring their necklace with the starter lap foot that they received the Friday before Walk-a-Thon. 

    • Also be sure to bring sunscreen, lawn chairs, and beach umbrellas to make the day more comfortable. Parents are welcome to accompany their children during their lap walking. Please make sure your children come to the event hydrated, and take frequent water breaks during the day.

  • Food, drinks, crazy hair, raffle, and more: Please bring cash for the various items being offered on the day of the event. The Snack Shack will be open all day, offering a variety of food, snacks, and drinks for purchase. We will also have a crazy hair booth, crafts, a raffle, and more!

  • Check-in: Students who register online by the Wednesday before Walk-a-Thon will receive their t-shirts in class at the end of the day on Friday. You DO NOT need to check-in at the Registration Table on the morning of the Walk-a-Thon. You may also register AT the Walk-a-thon. Each student that pays the registration fee will receive a Walk-a-Thon t-shirt and necklace.  

  • Necklaces and tally marks: All participants (except kindergartners) will receive their Walk-a-Thon necklace along with their first foot charm after completing 5 laps.  Kindergarten students will receive one “starter” lap foot and their necklace on the Friday before the Walk-a-Thon. Students will walk laps around the field and receive a tally mark on the back of their t-shirts for each lap completed.  With each 5 laps completed, they will receive a lap foot for their necklace.  

  • Lap treats and water: With each 5 laps completed, students will have the option to choose a healthy lap treat. Drinking water is also offered during every lap.  

  • Sports credit: If a student has a prior commitment to participate in a sports activity on the day of the Walk-a-Thon, they are eligible for a sports credit of 10 laps.  The 10 lap credit will only be given once regardless of the length of time of the activity or number of activities.  The sports credit will given at the Registration table only. 

  • Check out: Please do not forget to check out at the Registration tables before you leave for the day! We must record the final number of laps completed in order to calculate prizes.

  • Safety first: For safety reasons, we ask that you please leave scooters, skateboards, and dogs at home for this event. You are welcome to ride your bike to the event, however, please use the school bike rack to leave bikes parked during the event, and do not ride in pedestrian areas.

  • Disqualifications: Students are expected to follow the course rules and will be disqualified from prizes should they engage in dishonest conduct such as cutting corners or lap padding.

How to Register

  1. Online: Our goal is to be as paperless as possible, so we encourage everyone to register online. it's also a very easy and fun way to request donations and support from friends and family who live near and far.  

  2. Paper Sponsor Sheet: If you did not register online, students can register on the day of the event. You are required to collect at minimum, the registration fee in donations in order to receive a Walk-a-Thon t-shirt and collect lap prizes. Please print and bring this Permission Form (PDF) to the event. Please bring cash/check donations to the event in a sealed envelope with your name, teacher, and grade. Please have all checks made payable to "Alta Vista Home and School Club".  If desired, you may also print out this Fundraising Sheet (PDF) to track your offline donations.  We do not require that you use and turn in this form. 

Non-Student Participation

  • Each non-student participant is required to pay the registration fee in order to receive a Walk-a-Thon t-shirt and collect lap prizes.

  • Participants who do not collect the minimum may have laps tallied on their own t-shirt, but will not collect lap treats/feet.

  • All non-students must be accompanied by an adult.

Volunteer Opportunities

Please Volunteer! Parents, teachers, grandparents, and students... this event will not be possible without all you - our amazing volunteers who generously give your time and talents. We have over 300 volunteer slots! Sign up: 

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